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SafariRemit is an online remittance service, providing you with a seamless way to send money to friends and family abroad. Via our website (and soon-to-be app too), we offer an easy-to-use and cost-effective money transfer service.

Our online money transfer service is fast, secure and convenient – allowing you to send money electronically, without needing to go to an agent or queue at a kiosk. Our fees are low and totally transparent, so you can see these upfront before you pay. Most of our transfers arrive within minutes, and bank-level security systems mean your money is safe.

Sign up for free here on our website, or download our free app. You can create an account with your email address, Google account or Facebook profile. To use our money transfer service, you will then need to verify your ID (using a passport or driving licence) and some other personal details (more on this under ‘Your Account & Information’ below).

Our service is ever-growing, and we continue to add more countries to your list of available remittance destinations. Currently, you can send money to over 20 countries worldwide, covering much of Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

At the moment, we only offer our money transfer service for customers based in the UK. However, we are already working on plans to expand this very soon, so watch this space....

You can send your money in four ways: via bank transfer to a growing number of major banks; straight to your recipient’s mobile money wallet; as an airtime top-up to their mobile phone; or you can arrange a cash collection for your recipient.

We have agreements in place with a rapidly growing number of banks, spanning several countries across the world (with more to be added very soon). To send money via bank transfer, you just need to provide us with your bank details and those of your recipient, and we will take care of the rest.

We also partner with a range of telco services around the world, and our systems are directly linked to these companies’ infrastructures. So to send money via mobile wallet, all you need to do is input your recipient’s details (including the phone number where they hold their mobile money account), then pay for your transaction via bank transfer or credit/debit card.

Throughout its global footprint, SafariRemit has a wide range of payout locations where cash pick-up is offered as an option for our customers. Simply provide us with your chosen recipient’s information (including their contact details and location) and the rest we will take care of – arranging a cash collection for them at their most convenient pick-up point.

SafariRemit also supports airtime top-up to some locations. Our customers transferring money to these countries can elect to transfer their funds as a top-up credit, sent and applied directly to the recipient’s telephone. Simply provide us with your recipient’s details (including their mobile phone number) when you choose this option, and we will handle the rest!

You can either complete your payment by online bank transfer, or you can pay with your debit or credit card in seconds.

Most payments are completed in minutes, but we will give you an estimated arrival time upfront. You can then track your transaction’s progress via your account, and we’ll send you a notification to let you know when it has been delivered.

There are never any hidden fees – we will clearly show you how much your transfer will cost before you pay. Our fees are significantly lower than most other remittance services and traditional options, so you will likely save money by using us.

We will only process a refund in the cases if/when a transaction was erroneously carried out by us, the law requires us to, or your payment provider requires us to. You can find more information on the Terms & Conditions of our service here.

To set up your free account with us, all you will need is an email address, or a connected Google or Facebook profile. To send money, we will need some further information from you to help us provide the best possible service and comply with KYC (Know Your Customer) and anti-money laundering regulations. This information includes name, date of birth, phone number, address, payment method, and ID document details (passport or driving license) in order to verify your identity.

You can add to or change your account details by visiting your profile page and clicking the ‘update’ button here:

In order to process your transaction successfully and compliantly, we require some information on your recipient. This includes: name; contact details; address; telephone number (linked to their mobile money wallet) or bank account details; relationship (friend or family); and purpose of the remittance (school fees, family support, investment). In some cases, we will also require the recipient's ID document number to comply with the legal requirements of their country of residence.

To keep your money safe and comply with anti-money laundering regulations, we will require you to verify your identity with a valid photo ID (passport or driving licence) before using our service. We may need you to verify this again during the transaction process, but this is usually only for transfers to particular countries and/or for transferring large amounts.

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