How to send money with us:

Sign up for free on our website here or download our free app. All you need is an email address, or a Google or Facebook account, to get up-and-running.

Select how much you want to send, and we’ll show how much it costs. All our fees are clear up-front, and we tell you when the recipient will receive the money.

Fill in your recipient's information, and choose their preferred method of getting the funds – whether that is via their bank account, mobile wallet or airtime top-up, or cash collection.

To keep your money safe and comply with anti-money laundering regulations, we may require your photo ID for transfers to some countries and/or for transferring large amounts.

Complete the payment by online bank transfer, or pay with your debit or credit card in seconds.

We’ll take over from here and deliver the funds directly to your recipient. You can track your transaction via your account, and you’ll both receive a notification when the funds have arrived and been collected.

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