SafariRemit LTD: Terms and Conditions.

Welcome to the website of SafariRemit LTD.

Please read our Terms and Conditions of use, and the Agreement you enter into by using this website, carefully and fully below.

    1. The Terms and Conditions of this Agreement are entered into by and between SafariRemit LTD (us/we) and you (the User), and are made effective on the date of your first use of (the Website). You must read and review these Terms and Conditions regularly, as they may be subject to change at any time, at our sole discretion. If you do not agree to a Term or Condition that is listed below, you should not access or otherwise use the Website.
    2. This Agreement relates to the SafariRemit money transfer service (the Service), which enables you to transfer money online to any recipient of your choice (each a Recipient), and consequently allows them to receive this money.
    3. We shall make the Terms and Conditions available in the English language only.
    1. This Website is available only to Users who are permitted to enter into lawfully-binding contracts under pertinent law. By using this Website, you signify that you are at least 18 years of age.
    2. You agree to only use SafariRemit to transfer money to family and friends. You must not use the Service to send money to someone that you do not know personally.
    3. We shall endeavour to provide this Website and Service on a 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week basis. You accept that, from time to time, this Website may be inaccessible for any reason including (but not limited to): technical issues; periodic maintenance and repairs; or causes beyond our control. This means that you understand and agree that we cannot always guarantee the availability of this Website or the Service on a constant, continual basis.
    4. You agree to use SafariRemit only to send or receive a money transfer that is lawful.
    5. To use the Service for the first time, you must create your "Profile" by entering your personal details, a "User ID", and a password.
    6. You are free to send money to a number of countries from the list of Receiving Countries we support.
    7. As part of the KYC (Know Your Customer) process, all Users will be required to provide their full personal details as the sender, as well as full personal details of the Recipient, allowing us to identify both parties involved in the transaction. You agree to provide accurate and complete details for all involved parties, and to update this information whenever necessary.
    8. You will be allowed to use the Service only when you are able to verify your identity. This is also part of the KYC requirements that all Users are required to adhere to. If you are not able to provide accurate and complete information, then we can prohibit you from using the Service.
    1. Throughout these Terms and Conditions, except where an alternate understanding is clearly necessary and implied, the words and terms set out below will have the following definitions:
      1. "SafariRemit", "we", "us" and "our" all refer to the registered company SafariRemit LTD, together with its directors, employees, consultants, and service providers.
      2. "You", "your", “User” and “Users” refer to the person(s) who, by using this Website, accepts and agrees to these Terms and Conditions of use – whether they are visitors to the Website, or Senders and/or Recipients using the Service.
      3. "Account" signifies the online account provided to a User by SafariRemit after you have registered on the Website.
      4. "Currency Conversion" signifies, in a situation where funds are sent in one currency and paid out in a different currency, the activity by which the money you send will be changed over into the payout currency.
      5. "Destination Country" signifies the country in which you receive the money from a Sender; or, if you are the User making the payment, the country in which your chosen Recipient receives their money.
      6. "Fees" refers to all expenses we will charge Users for using the Service we provide, including the charges to transfer money via the Website. These are clearly communicated upfront before a transfer, with no hidden Fees added on after this point.
      7. "Intellectual Property Rights" stands for all patents, rights to creations, service models, copyright, software rights, trademarks, trade, rights in designs, domain and business names, trade dress rights, goodwill rights, rights in the database. It also includes rights in private information and any other intellectual property rights, for conditions whether registered or not and including all applications for and re-establishment or expansions of such rights, and all similar or equal rights or kinds of protection all over the world.
      8. "Money Transfer" means using our Service to transfer/send electronic money online.
      9. "Payee" signifies someone to whom money is paid.
      10. "Payment Instrument" signifies a payment device, like a debit card, credit card, or Digital Money Account.
      11. "Payment Instruction" signifies particular guidance from you to send the returns of E-cash to yourself; or cash, E-cash, or the returns of E-cash to another Payee.
      12. "Payment Method" signifies any legitimate means of payment used to pay for a Transaction.
      13. "Payment Request" signifies a particular request to a Sender, requesting that they send you cash or E-money.
      14. "Payout Method" refers to a Sender's chosen method by which the funds they send to a Recipient may be accessed.
      15. "Portal" refers to any website, application, or interface we offer to allow you to access and use our Service under this Agreement.
      16. "Prohibited Use" refers to any reason(s) for use of the Service related to unlawful or criminal behaviour, including (but not limited to): drugs, human trafficking, weapons, terrorist-supporting, synthetic substances, counterfeit goods, and misrepresentation.
      17. "Privacy Policy" refers to the Privacy Policy provided on this Website.
      18. "Receiving Country" refers to the nation to which a Sender requires us to send money.
      19. "Remittance Services" means the services which a Sender accesses and uses to transfer funds to a Recipient through the Website.
      20. "Recipient" signifies the individual who is receiving money from a Sender.
      21. "Sender" signifies the individual who is sending money to a Recipient via our Service.
      22. "Sending Country" signifies the nation in which a Sender has his/her Account registered.
      23. "Service Provider" refers to any institution with which we work or collaborate with in order to provide our Service to you.
      24. "Service" or "Services" refers to the different services provided by SafariRemit LTD via this Website, and primarily the core service of online/electronic money transfer.
      25. "Transaction" means: sending assets to people in another country; changing/converting currencies; using a Debit or Credit card to make a payment; or transferring money.
      26. "Transaction Amount" signifies the total amount of funds transferred to a Recipient, barring Fees and prior to any Currency Conversion.
      27. "Transaction ID" signifies the reference number used to distinguish and process/pay out a Transaction.
    1. Before carrying out a Transaction, it is your responsibility to make sure all the details necessary to process this Transaction are correct. Any incorrect information will inevitably slow down your Transaction and, in some cases, may incur charges.
    2. You agree to pay our Fees for the Service(s) you use.
    3. You agree that laws differ in each country, and it is your obligation alone to make sure that you completely comply with the law, pertinent to your country of residency, with respect to the use of our Service.
    4. You agree to provide us with all the information and supporting documents – accurate, up to date, and in full – which we require you to provide before we can offer our Service, and/or fulfil any legal requirements you may have.
    5. At the time of your account registration, you must provide us with true, correct, current and complete information about yourself.
    6. You are responsible for making all arrangements necessary for you to access our Website and/or Service, including keeping your hardware and software safe, operational and up-to-date.
    7. You shall ensure that all information you provide to us is kept up-to-date, and change this quickly if/when an update is needed.
    8. You shall not use our Service(s) for any Prohibited Use under the laws of the UK, or any other jurisdiction where we provide our Service(s). These include, but are not limited to, illicit activities that involve the following: funding and/or sponsoring of terrorism and/or any related activities; drugs; prostitution; pornography; gambling; disparaging material; or any other illegal activity, or otherwise, which may be interpreted as hostile, deceiving, unethical, offensive, or vulgar.
    9. You shall comply with all the Terms and Conditions as laid out within this document, and any other restraint or requirement.
    10. You shall protect your account and keep your password secure. You must never give details about your account to anyone. If you know or suspect that another person has obtained access to your account details, you should immediately change your password and promptly inform us by sending an email to
    11. You agree and accept that we will keep all information in our database for up to 5 years, in compliance with GDPR and the UK’s data protection regulations. The type and usages of information that we store, and the regulations governing its storage and use, are clearly outlined in our Privacy Policy provided on this Website.
    1. If we cannot fulfil these Terms and Conditions, then we are accountable for loss or damage that you suffer which is a foreseeable consequence of our breach of the Terms and Conditions; however, we are not accountable for any loss or damage which is not foreseeable and/or outside of our control.
    2. We are not accountable to any person other than you, and are not accountable for any loss or damage caused to any other third party/person.
    3. We will make a refund if the law requires us to, or if the issuer of your Payment Method requires us to.
    4. We are not accountable for more than the transfer amount and any Fees paid or payable by you.
    5. We reserve the right not to receive or permit payments from, or to, particular jurisdictions which we have found to be high risk to our business, or those that necessitate an advanced level of complexity.
    6. We reserve the right to request additional information from you.
    7. We have no accountability for losses sustained by you, for any cause whatsoever, because of your instructions to us, in absence of any breach of these Terms and Conditions by us as in 5.1.
    8. We declare our readiness to provide to you our Service(s) and the required information with respect to these Terms and Conditions.
    1. You may cancel your transaction up until your transaction is processed and executed by us. However, if the transaction is executed it cannot be cancelled or reversed.
    2. Any refunds will be credited to the same Payment Method used to pay for the transaction.
    1. As soon as you become aware of any unauthorised transaction, you must notify us by contacting us on If we find out that the transaction was mistakenly carried out by us, we shall refund you for the amount of the erroneous Transaction.
    2. You will not be held liable if we believe that it was not possible for You to notice such loss, or theft, or if the unauthorised Transaction was carried out by an employee acting on our behalf.
    3. We are authorised to accept that all Transactions entered using your username(s) and password(s) are therefore authorised by you. We shall not be accountable for any loss suffered by you because of any Transactions entered using your usernames and passwords.
    4. If we later find out that an ‘unauthorised’ Transaction was authorised by you, or you have acted deceitfully, we may deduct the amount of the Transaction from your available balance.
    5. We may be accountable to you in the case that SafariRemit LTD fails to carry out a Transaction correctly, unless this is due to an error of your making or factors under your control.
    1. All communications between Users and SafariRemit shall be made by email or telephone.
    2. This Agreement is entered into electronically.
    3. After gaining your consent to do so, we will send you all important notices through email. You can opt out of receiving these email communications as and when required.
    1. We may, without notice, immediately terminate your access to our Service(s) because of the following reasons:
      1. You attempt to transfer money from an account which does not belong to you.
      2. You attempt to damage, hack, alter or corrupt the security of our system or email ID.
      3. You have breached a Term or Condition, or provided any false information or personal details.
      4. You have harassed or threatened SafariRemit LTD employees, or our Service Providers, or behaved in any violent, impolite, bigoted or hateful way.
    2. You may cancel your access to our Service by giving us written notice via email to You will be accountable for any Transactions made on your Account until access to your Account is completely terminated.
    3. We can terminate/cancel your access to our Service if we are required by Law Enforcement, or asked to do so by a Court of Law.
    4. We may, without liability to you, terminate or suspend your access to our Service(s) by giving you 30 days notice.
    5. If you or any of your Recipients are using SafariRemit LTD’s Service(s) for a Prohibited Use as specified in (but not limited to) clause 4.8, we have the right to terminate your use of our Service immediately and report your activities to the relevant authorities.
    1. SafariRemit LTD strives to provide the highest quality of customer service to its Users. If any issue arises as a result of us falling short of the level of service expected, we will always look to resolve it as quickly and professionally as possible.
    2. If you are unhappy with the Service we have provided, you can email us on,. Please include a detailed account of your issue, alongside the email address associated with your Account and any reference number or Transaction ID.
    3. We will respond with an acknowledgement of your complaint. We will then strive to reach a resolution within 15 working days. If this is not possible, we will inform you in writing as to the reasons why, as well as the likely additional time required (which by law shall not be more than 35 business days) to bring your complaint to a satisfactory resolution.
    4. A complaint about any part of the Service(s), which we are not able to settle within 2-8 weeks after receiving the complaint, might be referred to the Financial Ombudsman Service.
    1. We will not be responsible for any direct/indirect loss sustained by a User due to a delay in carrying out any Transaction, if the situation is beyond the control of SafariRemit LTD.
    2. Access to the Website is never permanent. We may suspend, or change, all or part of the Website without notice. We will not be answerable to you if, under any circumstances, the Website is inaccessible.
    3. Although we strive to make sure that the information on the Website is always correct and complete, we do not warrant the precision and exhaustiveness of the material on the Website concerning the Transaction Service. We may make changes to our Website. Some material on our Website may at times be out of date, and we make no promise to update this material.
    4. Any material downloaded from this Website is done at your own risk, and you will be responsible for any harm to your PC or for any loss of information that results from such a download.
    5. SafariRemit LTD will not be accountable to you for any loss or damage suffered by you, or your business – including loss of data, loss of profits, or any business disruption – as a result of your actions.
    6. We do not limit in any way our liability for death or personal injury because of our negligence, or for deceitful misrepresentation, or for any breach of our responsibilities, or for any other matter for which it would be unlawful for us to eliminate our liability.
    1. You accept that all of the copyright, database rights and any other intellectual property rights that exist in the content, design, layout, and data of the Website are the property of SafariRemit LTD. You cannot copy, share with third parties, or reverse engineer any of the Website’s content, software or databases without the permission of SafariRemit LTD.
    2. You can view and keep a copy of the pages of this website, such as Our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy documents, for your own personal use only.
    3. Any unauthorised use will result in immediate termination of this Agreement, and you must destroy any downloaded material from our Website on request from us.
    4. We take prompt action against any cases of Intellectual Property infringement. We will process and examine all cases of supposed infringement and will take suitable actions under the relevant intellectual property laws. In the case of any queries, you can send an email to
    1. These Terms and Conditions may change owing to numerous reasons. SafariRemit LTD will inform you of any modifications to our Terms and Conditions by putting a notice on our Website. SafariRemit will give you 7 days’ notice to object to the changes.
    2. We may ask you to accept new Terms and Conditions, which will be provided to you by email or any other communication channel.
    3. Any modification will apply with immediate effect to any new Agreement entered into between the User and SafariRemit LTD.
    4. We also reserve the right to increase or decrease transaction limits and change the Fees for particular services.
    5. We may have to make modifications to these Terms and Conditions owing to factors we cannot foresee or have control over.
    6. If you do not agree with the modified Terms and Conditions, you must immediately stop using the Service(s) and the Website.
    1. This agreement will be in effect until You or We end it.
    2. The Agreement may be cancelled at any time by either party, upon written notice sent at least 14 days in advance of the date of termination. To cancel the Agreement, you are required to write to us by email to
    3. We may cancel our Agreement in cases where it may become illegal for us to continue to provide you with our Service(s) or we are required to do so by Law or regulatory body.
    4. We may cancel our Agreement if we believe that you are using the Service unfairly or illegally.
    5. We can cancel this Agreement by informing you at least two months in advance.
    6. The cancellation of the Agreement will not affect any Transactions that are already in progress.
    7. If you cancel your Agreement with us, we will reimburse you any cash or E-cash which is remaining in your account. You will still have to pay any Fees payable to us under the Agreement concerning any services we have provided to you. Alternatively, these Fees may be deducted from your account.
  15. SAFETY
    1. We at SafariRemit LTD take security extremely seriously. We are dedicated to securing your financial information, and use recognised industry-standard technology to secure your personal details. This makes SafariRemit LTD a safe and suitable way to send money to friends, family, and people you trust.
    2. We may share your information with Service Providers and people acting on our behalf, as outlined in our Privacy Policy, where/when this is reasonable during the provision of our Service(s). However, we assure you that this information is always stored and shared safely and appropriately, within GDPR and the UK’s data protection regulations.
    3. You must follow SafariRemit LTD’s Terms and Conditions to prevent unauthorised access and use of our Service(s).
    4. If you find out that somebody is using your Account without authorisation, or that your login credentials have been compromised, then you must tell us immediately by emailing us on