SafariRemit Referral Scheme will offer a referral bonus to its users who refer a friend so they can reduce their transaction costs in their next transfers. This will apply a credit of 5GBP to both user's accounts (the referrer and the referred).

If a customer refers more than one user, then they will be entitled to a bonus of 5GBP for each user that successfully goes through the KYC process and sends the minimum amount as per this Ts & Cs.

The referral scheme use is subject to fair usage policy. To prevent abuse of the promotion, the credit will be applied to each account once the referred (& referrer) have gone through the KYC and used the service to send a minimum amount of GBP100 or more.

Users can earn as many referral bonuses for themselves as they get more of their friends to sign-up, go through the KYC and use the service to send the minimum amount stipulated above.

Each customer is currently allowed to invite up to maximum of 10 people.

The minimum send amount for each referral bonus is as follows:

  1. For a referral bonus of 5GBP, user needs to send at least 100GBP
  2. For a referral bonus of 10GBP, user will need to send at least 200GBP

SafariRemit reserves the right to reject or cancel a refer a friend request for any reason which we deem legitimate at our own discretion and particularly when we suspect of any abuse of this promotion.

By using this Referral Scheme, you accept these Terms & Conditions and SafariRemit`s wider Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.